Dean‘s Provision No. 5/2022

Dean‘s Provision No. 5/2022



Article I

Introductory Provisions

This Dean’s Provision establishes the rules for announcing the dates of examinations in courses taught at the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and for registering/enrolling for these announced dates.

Article II

Rules for Announcing Dates and registering/enrolling for a Date

Course sponsors are hereby directed to ensure that the announcement of examination dates and registration for examinations is conducted with the following rules in mind:


Dates to be announced at least 30 calendar days before the end of the course.


For 1–2-week blocks - dates to be announced at least 5 calendar days before the end of the course.

For 3–8-week blocks - dates to be announced at least 14 calendar days before the end of the course.

3. Additional rules for announcing of and registering for exam dates:

a) Registration can be opened no earlier than the next working day after the day of the date announcement. Enrolment for the exam date should be opened between 6pm and 8pm on a working day or between 8am and 8pm on a rest day/holiday.

b) The capacity of all examination dates must exceed the number of students enrolled for a given examination by at least 30% (according to the regulations of Charles University).

c) The so-called early-date examinations may take place after at least 80% of the course has been completed.

Article III

Final Provisions

This Provision comes into force on the date of the Dean's signature and takes effect from the beginning of the academic year 2022/2023.


Prague, 21 April 2022


prof. MUDr.  Marek Babjuk, CSc.
Dean of the Second Faculty of Medicine

Platnost a účinnost
Validity: 21. 4. 2022
Effective: from the beginning of the academic year 2022/2023
Gestor: Study department
Created: 27. 9. 2022 / Modified: 27. 9. 2022 / Responsible person: Mgr. Marie Hejlová