Professor Jitka Palich Fučíková Received a Decree of Appointment

Jitka Palich Fučíková received a decree of appointment from president Petr Pavel. Professor Palich Fučíková focuses her research career on tumor immunology and the immunology of cancer diseases.

She works at the Department of Immunology of the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University. In addition to working at the Second Faculty of Medicine and Motol Hospital, she also works at a biotechnology company called Sotio, where she participates in the development and testing of an immunotherapeutic vaccine against prostate, ovarian and lung cancer.

She deals with the issue of immunogenic cell death and its role in the immunotherapeutic treatment of cancer.

"In cooperation with clinical workplaces and doctors from Charles university, we study the role of the immune system in patients' tumors and use such knowledge in the development of new treatment directions in oncology, which we refer to as immunotherapy," explained Jitka Palich Fučíková for the university Fórum magazine.

She came to immunology through an internship in the last year of her pharmacology studies. As part of the Erasmus program, she went to the Inserm laboratory in France. There, new horizons opened up for her and she discovered that she would like to pursue a scientific career.

"I arrived as a student wit no in-depth knowledge of immunology and scientific work. The stay was essential for my further relationship with research work," she told Forum magazine.

She completed her doctoral studies at the Second Faculty of Medicine, which she is still loyal to today.

"During my doctoral studies, I participated in the preclinical testing of DCVAC active cellular immunotherapy in the team of Professor Jiřina Bartůňková at the Second Faculty of Medicine. The first phase of clinical testing also took place at the workplace, which was a success for Charles university," Professor Palich Fučíková recalls.

But for more advanced clinical testing, which is very expensive, it was necessary to find an investor. Jitka Palich Fučíková is currently also working in the biotechnology company Sotio, which is part of the PPF empire.

Jitka Palich Fučíková is the author of dozens of foreign publications with considerable citation response and two international patents. She has been awarded several times for her scientific efforts. In 2021, the Neuron Prize for Medicine, or previously the Česká hlava award, the Discovery Award or the L'Oréal UNESCO award for women.

The Czech president handed over decrees of appointment to 87 professors present. With his presence, he renewed the tradition when, as the highest constitutional officer, he not only appoints new professors on the proposal of the scientific and artistic councils of universities, but also personally participates in the handover ceremony.

In total, 91 professors were appointed with effect from 18 May, 2023 and two professors with effect from 6 June, 2023. Thirty of the newly appointed professors come from Charles University.


Created: 26. 6. 2023 / Modified: 22. 9. 2023 / Bc. Tereza Lukešová