Studies – On-line Registration 2019/2020

Registration timetable

Registration for the academic year 2019/2020 for students of all years except entering first year students takes place:

  • On-line (available only for students that successfully completed all the study duties)
  • or at the Study department (see details).

On-line Registration is available only for students that successfully completed all the study duties except summer holiday trainings that will be entered into the Student System by the Study Department at a later date. On-line Registration will take a place from 2 Sept. to 30 Sept. 2019 and includes checking the fulfilment of duties for the current academic year (the result is printing the registration document from the screen). Please note that for the completing of your on-line registration is necessary to provide your registration document (+ Index) at the Study Dept. from 30 September to 18 October 2019.

What to bring with you:
  1. Printed registration document (results of enrolled duties), signed and dated.
  2. Study record (Index) with filled in compulsory subjects and the listed educators for the next academic year – compulsory subjects may be found here:
    If your Index is not filled in, you will not be registered for the next academic year.
Web address

The Student Information System (SIS) may be found at this internet address: After launching Internet Explorer, type this address into the ‘Address’ field. You will see this ‘Introductory page’ displayed:

Help for SIS:


Enter your Login and password here and then click on ‘Login’. If a student has two or more fields of study, use only one username to login to the System and then select the appropriate field of study. In such a case you will see the list of fields that you are studying after login. Only after selecting a field will you be able to continue registration in the standard way.

(For security reasons, if you are not using your own computer, never enable password saving when logging in.)

The following will be displayed on screen:

Report problems with logging in to the SIS administrator at the Second Faculty of Medicine ().



While working with the Student Information System, time is running at the top left of the screen:

This is for reasons of security. If you leave your computer and forget to logout of the System, after sixty minutes it will not be possible to make any changes using the System.

How to print the registration document and ensure the filling in of fulfilled credits and exams into the Student Information System?

On the entry page click on ‘Summary of exam results’ and choose academic year 2018/2019.

On the entry screen under the tab ‘Overview of exam results’ you will find personal information and further a list of courses which you had enrolled in for the current academic year.


Checking verity and currentness of personal information
  • in case of changes, fill them in.
Checking fulfilment of credit and exam requirements

Before registering for the next year, you must have fulfilled the duties of the current year. Go through the list of courses that you have enrolled in for the current year and check whether you have fulfilled the course requirements at the beginning of the status line. If course requirements are fulfilled, there is a green tick; if not, there is a red X at the beginning of the status line.

Credit or exam results entered in the credit book but not in SIS:

A situation may arise whereby you have fulfilled course requirements, such is written in your Index, but the course appears as unfulfilled in SIS. This means that the outcome has not been entered into the Student System. Only selected employees at individual clinics and departments or divisions have permission to enter outcomes into the Student System – usually the secretary of the clinic or department with authorization from respective educators. If you find that a credit or exam that you have completed is not entered into the System, you must contact the secretariat of the clinic or department that teaches the course by email. Only confirmation of completion of summer holidays trainings will be entered into the Student System by the Study Department at a later date – after you have submitted copies of your Index during registration.

After you have checked all your duties and they are listed in the system as fulfilled, select ‘Validations’ from the status bar and click on ‘Submit request’ (I request that the Study Department carry out a final check for advancement to the next stage of studies). See fig.:

Then print the registration document.


Printing the registration document

Click on the module ‘Summary of exam results’ and print the registration document by clicking on the printer icon.

Do not forget to check the academic year setting before printing!

Finally print the registration document till 30 Sept., write the date and your signature at the bottom.

If your year studies have been broken up, the printout for the current school year will include a list of courses already entered into the following year. You do not have to print separately a list valid only for the following year that contains the same courses.

You will not be enrolled into the new school year without the registration document.

Published: 18. 7. 2019 / Last update: 18. 7. 2019 / Responsible person: Mgr. Jana Čechová