Information for 6th Year Students

Dates of the graduation ceremony

Graduation Ceremony

Immediately after completing all your study duties, please come to the Study Dept. (with your index, ISIC card + coupon, confirmation from the library that you returned all your books, key to the locker room with proof of payment 300 CZK) to officially conclude your studies.

Graduates are required to come to the preparation room in Karolinum 30 minutes before the ceremony starts for procession instructions and to sign the matriculation book. Directions: Enter the building, turn left, go to the 1st floor (up the stairs) and turn right to the large wooden door.

Formal dress is required!

The total number of relatives and friends per graduate who may attend is not limited.

Please provide your family and friends who plan to attend your graduation ceremony with the following instructions:

  • Switch off cell phones before entering the hall.
  • Don't get up and walk around during the ceremony.
  • The ceremony takes approx. 45 minutes; it is not advised to bring children under the age of six.
  • Professional photographers are arranged by the Rector's Office of Charles University in Prague.
  • Pictures and video of the ceremony may be ordered at Photographs, video and sound recordings may be taken at the beginning of and during the graduation ceremony. If any of the participants do not agree to having their picture taken, they can request the person taking photographs not to do so, or require any photographs or recordings to be destroyed. If any graduates do not want to take part in the graduation ceremony for this or a similar reason, they may ask to be given their graduation certificate separately at the faculty study department.
  • Do not clap during the ceremony.

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