Entrance Examination

Updated information about the entrance examination 2021/2022

The entrance examination will be held online.

A three-member committee will be present during the examination procedure and the applicants will be interviewed concerning student motivation including one question related to ethical aspects of medicine. Furthermore, the examination will be completed by an interview on topics from Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 

How to apply for the entrance exam and electronic application

The deadline for submitting a completed application form with all the required documents was on 30 April 2021.

electronic application

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Dates & deadlines

Dates of entrance exams and deadlines for registration
Regular date of entrance exam Deadline for registration
25 - 28 May 2021 30 April 2021
Alternative date of entrance exam Deadline for registration
29 June 2021 30 April 2021

Please, note that you can attend the alternative date only in case of serious health or personal problems that must be duly documented. You can ask for the alternative date via email sending a fulfilled application form together with a document confirming why you cannot participate in the entrance examination on the regular date. Please, send all documents to Mgr. Dana Blichová (@email) before the established deadline. 

There is an administration fee for the electronic application in the amount of 820 CZK.

Become familiar in advance with entrance exam topics and examples of questions

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The number of students admitted to study

The applicants with the highest scores are admitted for studies. According to the capacity of the Faculty, the total number of admitted applicants (maximum 90) and the corresponding minimum score limit are set. The applicants with a total score at or above the minimum score limit are accepted. The Dean of the Faculty may review the acceptance/non-acceptance decision and accept additional applicants.

After successful admission to the Faculty

We will require from you necessary documents for the assessment process of the Secondary School Education

  • English or Czech certified copy of secondary school diploma/certificate should be submitted within the online application before the date of the entrance exam. Anyone who will not have this certificate by the time of the entrance exam will have to provide the certificate to the date of enrolment at the latest (the deadline for providing necessary documents to the Faculty is the 31st of August 2021). The certificates must be assessed by the Faculty, for more information, please, click on the following link: Assessment of foreign secondary and tertiary education in the admissions procedure of Charles University. Keep in mind that if you need legalization (super-legalization or apostille) of your diploma/certificate then this process can be done only in the country which issued the document. The Faculty needs to receive a notarized copy of your documents. Basic copies or PDFs are not accepted for the process.
  • A doctor's certificate is not required.

Information about graduate employment:

Our educational tradition, along with academic excellence and our commitment to preparing students for a successful career in primary care or subsequent fellowship training, makes the Second Faculty of Medicine an outstanding choice for your medical studies. Graduates are awarded the degree ‘Doctor of General Medicine’ (MUDr.).


What to do after your admission

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