Study Programmes

Charles University, 2nd Faculty of Medicine is running a MD programme in general medicine and continuing a three-year Bachelor's study courses in Physiotherapy and Nurse. The location of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine in the largest teaching hospital in the Czech Republic guarantees comprehensive and modern methods of medical instruction.

MD programme – a six-year full-time course – M.D.

General Medicine Study Programme

The general medicine study programme puts an emphasis on evolutionary aspects of human beings in both health and disease, starting from the pre-natal period continuing through old age. Unlike other faculties, the 2nd Faculty of Medicine students gain wide knowledge and effective skills in all branches of paediatrics. The Faculty has a number of excellent specialised paediatric departments – state reknown medical centres. Furthermore, a newly founded hospital wing ensures excellent conditions for teaching adult medicine. Students are educated in high-quality conditions comparable to European standards. The Faculty together with the University Hospital are respected research centers. The Faculty also offers postgraduate programmes (abbreviated Ph.D. given after name) and professional training in many biomedical fields. The Faculty also provides a MD programme in English for international students.

Continuing MD programme – a two-year full-time course – M.D.

Training in Health Care, Physiotherapy

The continuing M.D. programme – physiotherapy provides further qualification in physiotherapy, which takes on the preceding three-year Bsc. Programme. The emphasis is put on specialised techniques in remedial physical education and physical therapy including the application of non-invasive non-pharmacological procedures and methods of algotherapy. The highest pregraduate education provides instruction of qualified and specialised skills in preventive, diagnostic, remedial and rehabilitation care in the field of physiotherapy.

Bachelor's degree programme – a three-year full-time course – Bsc.

Training in Health Care and Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy programme graduates are able to carry out special procedures in the field of physiotherapy, which are performed according to diagnoses and indications provided by doctors. The programme contains both theoretical and practical subjects, including specialised clinical practice. The graduates of this programme are able to provide diagnostic procedures, preventive and medical care for locomotor system disorders in preventive health care centres, health resorts, social care and rehabilitation departments in both public and private sectors.

Bachelor's degree programme – a three-year combined course – Bsc.

Nursing Care – Nurse

This programme's graduates are able to perform nursing care tasks in all general medical fields. The objective of this programme is to provide both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. An emphasis is put on gaining basic information from clinical and pre-clinical branches of medicine, on the improvement of communication skills and on general, evolutionary and medical psychology. Graduates can work both in public and in private departments in EU countries.

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