How to Become a Supervisor

If you are interested in becoming a Supervisor, contact the Department for PhD Study and Foreign Affairs and submit an Application for Being Appointed a Supervisor and other required attachments.

The application should include: 

  • application for Being Appointed a Supervisor, including a written consent of the head of your institution (head of a clinic or institute); the application form is not prescribed
  • a professional CV
  • a completed form "C"
  • a list of publication activities in the past 5 years which are relevant to the subject of the dissertation
  • the subject or subjects of student’s proposed dissertation 

Supervisor’s rights and obligations:

  • Participation in an admission interview with the candidate during the regular schedule of such interviews, eventually at a specially set date.
  • Consent to the subject of the dissertation and joint work with the student on the thesis summary and research plan.
  • In collaboration with the student, a Supervisor prepares an individual plan of studies or prepares it him- or herself. Jointly with the subject of dissertation, this plan must be presented at the latest 2 months after the beginning of the academic year to the Subject Area Board for its consent and specified according to Article 26, paragraph 2 of Charles University’s Code of Studies and Examinations.
  • A Supervisor regularly follows the student’s progress and evaluates it according to Article 10, paragraph 10 of the Code of Studies and Examinations of the Charles University.
  • In case a student fails to meet his or her study obligations as defined in the individual study plan, the student’s Supervisor informs the Subject Area Board that developments corresponding to Article 10, paragraph 8, letter c) of the Code of Studies and Examinations have taken place.
  • Supervisor proposes changes in the subject of the dissertation. Any change is presented to the head of the Subject Area Board and the dean for their consent.
  • Supervisor proposes the appointment of Advisors from the ranks of academic employees of the faculty, eventually experts from allied institutes or other institutions who are in virtue of their special expertise and/or methodological and technical background capable of leading a student either during a specific section of the dissertation project or part of student’s studies. An Advisor must be appointed by the Supervisor at the Second Faculty of Medicine for a particular study programme.
  • Supervisors of students who had successfully graduated receive a remuneration according to conditions set in the Rector’s Directives No. 20/2018.

Supervisors of students who have graduated from doctoral programmes of study are to be paid a bonus under conditions stipulated by this Directive.

Published: 21. 6. 2013 / Last update: 30. 5. 2019 / Responsible person: ThDr. Jitka Sýkorová, Ph.D.