Junior Researcher Positions: In Microbial Genomics and in Virome Metagenomics

Charles University, Second Faculty of Medicine, Department of Microbiology searches two junior researcher positions are open within the newly established framework of the National Institute of Virology and Bacteriology funded by the EU EXCELES Programme. This framework fosters translational research and encourages young scientists to pursue careers in microbiology.

 (A) Molecular epidemiology of healthcare-associated pathogens

A junior researcher position is open in the team led by Marcela Krutova (https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4511-9430). The team is focusing on molecular detection of non-culturable bacteria, molecular epidemiology of healthcare-associated pathogens and detection of antimicrobial resistance with a significant public health concern. The candidate will be involved in the laboratory part of whole-genome sequencing and subsequent bioinformatic analysis of WGS data, manuscript writing and presenting results at internal meetings, national and international conferences.

You are convincing through:

  • PhD in informatics/bioinformatics/microbiology
  • experience in high-throughput data analysis
  • very good communication skills in English
  • a strong motivation and enthusiasm for multiple facets of the life sciences
  • the ability to work independently and synergistically in a team of different project leaders and PhD students

(B) Viromes and bacteriomes in the pathogenesis of non-infectious diseases

Another position is open to study bacteriome profiles and virome metagenomics under the supervision of Prof. Ondřej Cinek (complete list of publications https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=Cinek+O&sort=date). We invite candidates interested in both wet lab and bioinformatics of the microbiome in primarily non-infectious diseases (e.g. type 1 diabetes and celiac disease). The work is carried out in large high-risk cohorts under an international EU-funded project network, as well as in smaller targeted studies of selected clinical conditions. We study bacteriomes and/or viromes from longitudinal collections of faecal samples from subjects developing the aforementioned conditions, searching for patterns preceding the onset of the autoimmunity. The task force of the project has produced asizable body of metagenomic data that are now being analyzed - the candidate is expected to actively participate in these analyses.

Candidates should hold a PhD degree in molecular genetics, microbiology, biology, or informatic disciplines. A strong publication track record is an important prerequisite.

Key responsibilities of the selected applicant: The researcher will manage and conduct subprojects within the above research frameworks. S/he will search literature, plan research works, supervise laboratory personnel and conduct more complicated experiments, provide consultations to the research group, report at regular meetings and to the principal investigator, and analyze data from various sources. The researcher will coordinate a small group of pre-graduates, graduate students and technicians. Expected is an intense collaboration with researchers in related fields, namely classic medical microbiology and metabolomics, and consultations on methods. A proactive approach toward paper writing is essential, including the interpretation of statistical analyses. The researcher will actively present research methods and results at internal meetings, national and international conferences.

Both positions are full-time only, the first contract being offered for 12 months with possible prolongation until the end of current financing in December 2025.

We offer

  • exciting research projects with excellent publication and further career prospects
  • friendly work atmosphere
  • the salary will be in accordance with university regulations for scientific personnel, 2740 EUR/month (68 600 CZK) brutto. Note that the costs of living are lower than in Western Europe (https://www.numbeo.com)
  • bonuses for publication activity
  • an individual career development plan
  • the opportunity to actively participate in international conferences with covered expenses
  • 25 days of annual leave plus 5 days for personal growth purposes

If interested, kindly send a cover letter indicating what makes you a suitable candidate, along with your CV, list of publications and two references to: @email (position A) or @email (position B) until 30th January 2023.

About the employer

The Department of Microbiology at 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, is affiliated with the Motol University Hospital, a tertiary health care facility with 2,231 beds and 70,441 admissions in 2020: this offers unique opportunities for clinically oriented research.

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