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4th year
  Imaging Methods and Nuclear Medicine

Presentation (http://dl1.cuni.cz/enrol/index.php?id=600)
The course consists of 3 weeks seminar sessions. This is followed by block teaching of nuclear medicine (see nuclear medicine clinic website).
The term of oral exam:
The clerkship begins on the first day at seminar room of radiology department (Blue building –1P). Keys to the room are available at the secretariat of the clinic.
White coat and student Id card are necessary.
Part of the course takes place in radiology department of Central Military Hospital (prim Belšan).
During the course of Imaging methods only one absences is tolerated due to disease or serious reason. These absence is not necessary to document.
More absences must be documented in written form and must be substituted. (Substitution occurs in the afternoon after regular training – extent and form will depend on the head of clinic.) – (Dean's provision No. 1/2011)
Conditions for acquiring the credit are

  1. adequate presence during practical training and
  2. successful passing of practical test – which takes place on the last day of the third week teaching (reporting 2 plain films and one Ct/MRI – description, basic anatomical structures)

Student have to write a seminar work on a selected topic of radiology. Please choose specific topic, not one of the test questions.
Topic is necessary to consult with the head of the department or his representative.
You have to report the name of topic to secretary of department during internships on KZM.
The paper:
Introduction – Analysis – The end – literature (minimum 3 literal source).
The scope of work, at least 3 pages, including image documentation, which can not outweigh over the text.
Please send the work by e-mail (at least two days before the exam) – – and ALSO bring it printed to final examiantion.
Topic of work is the third questions at the final exam.
Final examination:
Final examination consists of two questions and essay exam.
Examiation begins at 8.00 pm.

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