Incoming Students

We are pleased that you have chosen the Second Faculty of Medicine to spend your Erasmus+.

A Guide for Incoming Erasmus+ Students

This guide is designed to deal with relevant issues for all incoming students and to eliminate every obstacle on your way to the Second Faculty. It provides you with faculty-specific tips and links to information that varies every academic year.

Erasmus Students Network CU Prague

ESN Charles University Prague (ESN CU Prague) represents a tradition of student associations from several faculties of the Charles University in Prague going back to as far as 2001. ESN is a student club which organises various social, cultural and sport events or trips for both international and Czech students, and generally helps international students to handle their stay in Prague.

For further information, please use email below or visit the website.

Email: @email

Buddy Programme at the Second Faculty

You can gain a friend and guide (a regular student of our faculty)  who will be your local ‘buddy’.  He / she will assist you with your first steps at the faculty and can help with daily tasks for the period of your study in Prague.  For more information, please, write to @email or ask the Erasmus+ officer.

Accommodation for Incoming Students

The Charles University European Office organises accommodation for incoming students.

Accommodation is provided in Charles University Halls of Residence. Students are housed in double-occupancy rooms. Single rooms are not available. The unit system consists of twin rooms sharing bathroom facilities. A small kitchenette is usually located at the end of each hall. Bedding and bed linen are provided; towels and kitchen utensils are not.

Accommodation will be provided for the period corresponding to your study stay at Charles University.

You have a few options regarding accomodation in Prague:

  • Student dormitory Hostivař
  • Dormitories near to the campus of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine (Kajetánka, Hvězda)
  • Private accommodation - see, for example,

A lot of  Erasmus students from other faculties use the accommodation in the Student Dormitory in Hostivař. The equipment of this dormitory is also considered to be of higher standard. On the other side, it is located rather far from University Hospital Motol, main teaching base of our faculty.
Staying at Kajetánka or Hvězda dormitories could be more convenient, they are both located only a few bus stations from Motol hospital (bus No 174 or 180 to the Nemocnice Motol stop, about 15 minutes).

Legend to the map below: Motol Hospital = marked by ellipse, Kajetánka, Hvězda = marked by X, Hostivař = mark ‘B’


Last update: 27. 1. 2022 / Ing. Pavla Byrne