Mission of the Scientific Board, Regulations


The mission of the Scientific Board

The 2. LF UK Scientific Advisory Board is the self-governing academic representative body of the Second Faculty of Medicine, set up in accordance with § 25, para. 1c of the Higher Education Act. The status and activity of the Scientific Advisory Board is regulated by the Higher Education Act.

The Scientific Advisory Board’s role is to discuss the long-term strategic plan for educational, research, development and other Faculty activities established in accordance with the strategic goals of Charles University. It approves study programs for the Faculty and has authority over habilitation and over the appointment of professors within the scope set by the Higher Education Act.

The Scientific Advisory Board also expresses its views on issues submitted to it by the Dean, or which are raised by the internal regulations of the University or Faculty.

Any member of the Scientific Advisory Board, Associate Dean, member of the Senate or other honorary member is permitted to address the Scientific Advisory Board during its meetings. Invited experts or other persons may speak only with the consent of the Scientific Advisory Board.

Scientific Advisory Board meetings are public. At the suggestion of the Dean, or any Associate Dean authorised by the chair of the meeting, the Scientific Advisory Board can decide that part or all of any meeting will be held behind closed doors if the personal rights of an individual, or any vital interests of the Faculty or University, could be threatened by public participation.

The material and administrative aspects of the Scientific Advisory Board’s activities are provided for by the Faculty Dean’s Office.

Last update: 13. 2. 2023 / Mgr. Petr Andreas, Ph.D.