Senate Notes (20 February 2019)

Last week, the first Senate meeting was held with a new constitution of members... By Adam Láznička.

Last week, the first Senate meeting was held with a new constitution of members. Following regulations, it was held by the eldest Senate member – prof. Škába, who immediately announced the start of elections of the Presidium. Three candidates were running for the position of chairman – the current chairman doc. MUDr. Ondřej Hrušák, doc. MUDr. Radan Keil and MUDr. Milan Trojánek. There was only one candidate for the position of Vice-chairman – Ondřej Hubálek.

In a two–round election with several breaks and debates, eventually MUDr. M. Trojánek was elected as chairman and O. Hubálek as Vice-chairman. Further, doc. MUDr. R. Keil and B. Prýmková are members of the Presidium.

Congratulations to the ones elected! We are looking forward to future cooperation.

The new chairman led the meeting from this point on.

The Dean took over the speech and mentioned several meetings that he attended.

First of all, a meeting which was attended by the Deans of all medical faculties and the Minister of Health of Czech Republic was held, once again opening up the topic of university hospitals. The outcome was an announcement that university hospitals are currently not needed.

Another meeting with the Deputy Minister Dr. Doleček was concerned with the construction of the multifunctional building complex, its financing etc.

The Dean then proposed to approve a new member of the Scientific Council –  Prof. Ing. Petr Zuna, former rector of the Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT). However, the chairman decided to not include this proposal into the program and discuss it at the next Senate meeting.

Lastly, the Dean informed about the progressing construction of Žížala (Plzeňská building) as well as the termination of lease contracts of ČVUT buildings at Plzeňská, as all our institutes, which are currently located there, will move into the new building.

At the end of the meeting doc. MUDr. Maxová took over the speech and described, how the internal regulations of the faculty are being changed, as this is neither a simple nor an immediate concern, but there are several steps that need to be followed. This built the base for a debate about changes in the Electoral Code, which have not taken place yet. Hopefully next time!

Currently, the new Senate Commissions are being set up, and are projected to commence activity soon. The next meeting will take place on 20 March. It is open to the public (like all Senate meetings), so if you are interested, we will be more than happy to see you there!

Wishing you a successful start into a new semester

Adam Láznička

(Translated by Paulina Bernardová)

Created: 27. 2. 2019 / Modified: 26. 3. 2019 / Mgr. Petr Andreas, Ph.D.