Children Have a Place to Play

In December 2019, students of the Second Faculty of Medicine organised an advent concert, which took place at the Hus Congregation in Dejvice, Prague. From the proceeds, a gaming house was acquired for the Department of Paediatric Neurology of the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and Motol University Hospital. The house is already in the waiting room at the outpatient clinics of the Department of Paediatric Neurology and of the children’s section of the Ear, Nose and Throat Department. Thanks to it, children can enjoy waiting before visiting a doctor.

On Friday 30 January 2020, the symbolic key from this house was handed over – by the representatives of the student association Motolák Richard Boček, Veronika Holcová, the choirmaster of Chorion (the faculty choir), who performed at the advent concert, and the Dean of the faculty Prof. Vladimír Komárek. On behalf of the Department of Paediatric Neurology the key was taken over by Prof. Pavel Kršek, head physician Dr Věra Sebroňová and other employees of the department.

Published: 4. 2. 2020 / Last update: 4. 2. 2020 / Responsible person: Mgr. Juan Zamora