Rector's Extraordinary Award to Ondřej Blecha

The student of the sixth year of General Medicine, Ondřej Blecha, won the Rector's Extraordinary Award for his exemplary civic bravery and dedication. During a sports course in Dobronice, in which he participated as a paramedic, several people experienced serious health complications and a group of students was confirmed to have covid-19. At the same time, the paramedic had only an ordinary first aid kit at his disposal. The prize was awarded by the Rector on the occasion of the Education Day celebrations, which take place every year on 7 April.

Photograph: Michal Hladík (2. LF)

Created: 5. 5. 2021 / Modified: 24. 5. 2021 / Responsible person: Mgr. Petr Andreas, Ph.D.