Information about Antigen Testing

Dear students,

We would like to send you a link to current information from the Charles University, which results from the government emergency measure of April 19, 2021 No. 393 on the obligation to test all students from 26. 4. 2021.

At the same time, in the attachment we send an up-to-date list of testing points where it is possible to get tested.

From April 26, 2021, students of the Second Faculty of Medicine of Charles University will need to provide when attending classes:

  • negative test (PCR or antigen test)
  • the first test of the week must not be older than 48 hours, the preventive test is performed once every 7 days;
  • affidavit that you have had COVID-19 (positive in less than 90 days);
  • official certificate of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic on vaccination against COVID-19, certificates issued outside the Czech Republic are not yet allowed.

King regards,

prof. MUDr. Roman Kodet, CSc.
Vice-Dean for Studies and Academic Qualifications

Dear students,

the options below are intended exclusively for students of the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University who are attending clinical internships and clinical teaching at the Motol University Hospital.

1) Primarily use Antigen testing hub from the Charles University in Albertov (Studničkova 2030/1), where the capacity is large enough.

Students come without registration (Mon, Wed and Fri always 8.00 – 16.00). You will identify with an ISIC card. For students without Czech insurance, this testing is free, it will be paid for by the faculty.

2) Antigen testing in Motol  (pavilion 24)

If you want to register for the test, it is mandatory

  • to register - a student who is not in the reservation system will not be tested
  • to fill in all data - a student who does not fill in all necessary data will be deleted from the system
  • come at the ordered time, if you cannot come, log out in advance in the reservation system

This Ag test is now free even for students without Czech insurance. Ag tests are intended exclusively for asymptomatic students. If the student is symptomatic, he/she will use the possibility of PCR testing as before (he/she will contact Aneta Nyčová for requisition form – for students with Czech insurance is this PCR test for free). In case of a positive result of the Ag test, it is necessary to perform a control PCR test (for students with Czech insurance, the insurance company pays for it, students without Czech insurance pay for the PCR test themselves).

Reservation system is here (after logging in to Gmail) – dates are continuously updated.

New offer has been added to the existing testing options for students participating in clinical and practical teaching – every Monday from 12.00 to 14.00 it will be possible to use antigen testing from Charles University.

Testing will take place in the area of FN Motol in front of pavilion 24 (near the southern gatehouse of FN Motol).

Students of the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University use this testing without a reservation, have an ISIC card or a confirmation of study with you. For students without Czech insurance, this test will be paid for by the faculty.

If possible, for preventive reasons, we ask students who are attending teaching at clinics in Motol without patients to pass the test regularly also.

You have to carry a certificate of negative test result or a copy of the vaccination certificate or a solemn declaration that you had laboratory-confirmed covid-19 disease and no more than 90 days have elapsed since the first positive PCR / POC antigen test with you when teaching at the hospital in case of inspection.


Created: 17. 3. 2021 / Modified: 6. 9. 2021 / Responsible person: Mgr. Ing. Tereza Kůstková