The Multiplier Event shares how to improve student well-being


The Multiplier Event is a crucial component of the WISE - Well-being Innovations for Students in Europe project, which strives to enhance the mental health and overall well-being of students across European universities.

Scheduled to take place on June 5-6, 2023, at the Patriotic Hall of the Rectorate of Charles University, this event is open to students, UK staff, and anyone with an interest in this topic. Its primary objective is to showcase and discuss specific innovative practices that have already been successfully implemented at Charles University or other universities abroad, with the aim of fostering best practices and improving student well-being across Europe. Futher information see here.

Registration is required for the event.

Created: 26. 5. 2023 / Modified: 26. 5. 2023 / PhDr. Mgr. Kateřina Křenová