Online 4EU+ Course on Pathogenesis of Epilepsy

The elective course Pathogenesis of Epilepsy, an international online course under the 4EU+ European University Alliance that is hosted by the Second Faculty of Medicine, will start again in February 2023.

The interactive online course explores the neurobiology of epilepsy from basic and clinical perspectives. During the course, the participant will gain knowledge on the pathophysiology of epilepsy and seizures, how modern research tools are used in epilepsy research and what are the main challenges for epilepsy research.

The 14-week course is particularly suitable for:  

  • Undergraduate and Ph.D. students from various research disciplines who are interested in epilepsy research
  • Researchers from academia or industry seeking to upskill in the area of epilepsy research and epilepsy therapy development
  • Clinicians seeking to appraise insights into the basic mechanisms of epilepsy

The deadline for applications is 13 December 2022. Registration for students from 4EU+ universities is free of charge.

More info at and in the attached flyer.

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