"Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Project Management" 4EU+ University Diploma

Take the next step in your career! ► ► ► APPLY NOW for the 4EU+ University Diploma in “Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Project Management”.

Seven month prestigious Diploma is aimed at young postgraduates and doctoral students who want to learn project management with a view to:

  • working as an intrapreneur in a large company,

  • joining a start-up,

  • or participating in the development of an association or organisation involved in the social economy or environmental transition.




Deadline August 31, 2024


Why join "Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Project Management" Program?


  • Expert Guidance: Learn from renowned academic and professional partners across the 4EU+ university alliance, with all classes taught in English.

  • Innovative Learning: Gain essential skills in project management, entrepreneurship, innovation design, and management soft skills.

  • Career Opportunities: Potential to receive job or cooperation offers from global big companies, focusing on digital and sustainable (green) issues.

  • Multicultural Cohort: Collaborate with post-Master graduates from various European countries and diverse academic backgrounds, including engineering, medicine, literature, social sciences, and political sciences.

  • Prestigious Diploma: Receive the "Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Project Management" University Diploma awarded by CELSA – Sorbonne University in partnership with the 4EU+ Universities of Milan, Heidelberg, and Warsaw.

  • Enhanced Business English Proficiency: Improve your English language skills through immersive learning experiences.

  • International Exposure: Enjoy two fully funded international trips for the program’s kick-off meeting and final meeting, enhancing your global experience.

What will you learn in the Program?


  • ► Foster agility and adaptability to thrive amidst disruptive environment, ​

  • ► Lead team creativity and out of box thinking, ​

  • Program Structure:


  • The program is based on an experiential teaching approach that emphasises learning by doing and a strong interdisciplinary approach.

  • As part of the Diploma, partner companies and institutions present an environmental or social challenge that they are facing.

  • Students work in project teams to solve these problems.

    Project teams (8-10 students) will be set up based on a balance of culture, expertise, and experience


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    Program schedule:


  • Autumn 2024: Master classes about entrepreneurship essentials

  • January - June 2025: Half-time on learning intrapreneurial project management fundamentals and half-time on project management with a multidisciplinary team on an issue driven by a silent partner of Sorbonne University. Part-time internships agreements are possible.

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    Application Process

    If you are a post-master's or doctoral student from Charles University and are interested in this program, you should apply for a preliminary interview ► ► ► HERE. For more information, please read more.



    Required Outputs
  • 1. Individual Written Report

    — Description: A two-page note on a current innovation project.

    — Length: Approximately 5000 characters.

  • 2. Mid-course Exam (Online)

  • 3. Individual Written Report (Reflective Logbook)

    — Description: A reflective logbook detailing the individual's learning journey, insights, and reflections on the project management process.

    — Length: Minimum of 10 pages.

  • 4. Final Exam Pitch

    — Format: In-person pitch (Warsaw)

    — Timing: At the end of the program (exact date to be confirmed).

  • Access to a diverse group of lecturers and speakers from the 4EU+ university alliance, offering a wide range of expertise.

  • An innovation project sponsor, which could be a company, association, administration, or institution. The sponsor will present a genuine business case and allocate time to collaborate with the project team.

  • A dedicated project tutor who will guide and support the project team's progress, ensuring they receive valuable assistance and mentorship.

  • Do you have any questions?

    Do not hesitate to ask Veronika Haissingerová.


    After fulfilling all program requirements, you will receive the "Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Project Management" University Diploma. This prestigious diploma is awarded by CELSA - Sorbonne Université and is supported by the 4EU+ universities of Milan, Heidelberg, Warsaw, Prague, and Geneva.

    This diploma enables graduates to work for a big company in intrapreneurship, a start-up or to develop associations or organizations committed social, economic or ecological transformation.

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