Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”! The Social events and the Academic events teams of AIMS, have been gathering annually to bring awareness to the impact of this illness.

This year, the Social events team, led by Judy Kwon, organized a bake sale, in which all the proceeds were donated to a campaign raising awareness of
Breast Cancer. The Academic events team, led by Miray Guney, is currently organizing a workshop, in which the students are taught how to perform breast self-examination regularly to detect any abnormalities and catch breast cancer in the early stages.

Around 15 students have actively participated in our Breast Cancer Awareness campaign and fundraiser, however, many more students have contributed by wearing pink! A simple yet very powerful way to highlight the importance of regular check-ups to detect the early onset of breast cancer.


Text written by our student Mai Anh Ngo.

Created: 4. 11. 2022 / Modified: 5. 12. 2022 / Bc. Tereza Lukešová