Dean’s Provision No. 20/2020

Dean’s Provision no. 20/2020

related to hybrid teaching during the state of emergency


Article 1

Introductory Provisions

During the state of emergency and in compliance with the Resolutions of the Government of the Czech Republic related to COVID-19, the teaching at the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University is in hybrid form. With respect to both voluntary and obligatory work involvement of the students in health-care establishments as well as to the growing number of students and teachers in quarantine or isolation due to COVID-19 infection, as of 9 November until the end of the state of emergency flexible system of online teaching with an offer of alternative forms respecting the current situation in individual years of study shall be introduced at the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University.

Article 2

Flexibility of Online Lectures and Webinars

  1. Teaching takes place in accordance with valid timetables. Students who will not be able to attend a class will be offered a record of the lecture or a pre-prepared video-lecture. In case a bigger part of a study group does not attend a particular class, an alternative date and/or time may be offered upon agreement with the students or study materials may be combined with individual consultations.

Article 3

Excusing Students from Classes

  1. In the case a student is either voluntarily or obligatorily involved in helping in health-care establishments or in the case a student is in quarantine or isolation due to COVID-19 infection, they shall be excused from the classes. Each student is obliged to report their work involvement to the guarantor of the subject. The student shall ask the guarantor of the subject to provide them with information regarding possible alternatives of substitution of the class(es) they have missed.

Article 4

Rules of Acknowledgement of Work Involvement of Students as a Substitution of Practical Clinical Classes

  1. Students of the Faculty involved either voluntarily or obligatorily in the help to health-care establishments, shall have such work acknowledged as a substitution of practical clinical classes (e.g. K10, summer practical training etc.) in the extent of no less than 50%. Acknowledgement of a bigger part shall be decided by the guarantor of the subject depending on how similar the performed activity is to the content of the particular subject. In order to have such work acknowledged, the applicant shall present the guarantor with a certificate confirming their service in a particular establishment. Possible substitution of obligatory classes shall be dealt with individually of in groups in flexible form upon the agreement with the guarantor of the particular subject.

Article 5

Alternative Dates of Credits and Exams

  1. Each workplace shall determine an alternative date of a credit and an exam and shall always announce such dates before the start of each block teaching in the particular subject; for classes that are not in form of block, such dates shall always be determined when announcing the dates of credits and exams in the planned periods. The time difference between the regular dates and the alternative dates shall be one week at the minimum. Only students who could not take the credit or exam on the regular date due to ordered quarantine, illness or their confirmed work involvement in a health-care establishment can register for alternative dates.

Article 6

Final Provisions

  1. This Provision becomes valid and effective as of the date of its signature by the Dean.


In Prague on 4 November 2020


prof. MUDr. Vladimír Komárek, CSc.
Dean of the Faculty

Validity and effectiveness
Validity: 4 November 2020
Effective from: 4 November 2020
Gestor: Secretariat of the Dean´s Office
Created: 4. 11. 2020 / Modified: 3. 6. 2021 / Responsible person: Mgr. Marie Hejlová