Conditions for Obtaining Credit and Sitting Exams

Applicable to all Courses Taught at the Department of Languages

  1. Active participation in seminars. Students are permitted at most 2 absences if the seminar takes place on a weekly basis – Latin and English Medical Terminology; and a maximum of 5 absences if the seminar takes place twice a week – Czech I, II and III. (In this case there may be 2 absences for classes taken in the hospital and 3 absences for classes taken in the Department of Languages.) In such a case, the 5th absence must be supported in writing in an appropriate manner (e.g. a letter from a doctor). It is not possible to obtain credit with a greater number of absences.
  2. You must sit 2–3 tests per semester and obtain minimally 70%. If you do not satisfy the 70% requirement, you will sit a credit test at the end of the semester that will cover course content for the entire semester. It is possible to re-sit this credit test twice. Test dates are set by the lecturer and student attendance is compulsory. Absences may only be tolerated under exceptional circumstances.
  3. An additional condition for English credit is a presentation on a given topic (once per semester). This does not apply to the preterm.
  4. Three late arrivals to class are counted as one absence.
  5. The Czech exam for foreign students in Czech II A must be completed by the end of the exam period following the winter semester. It is not possible to take Czech II B in the summer semester without having passed this exam.
  6. Students must get credit for the winter semester by the end of the exam period following winter semester. Without this credit they cannot take part in instruction during the summer semester.
  7. Students must fulfil the conditions for obtaining credit on the day before sitting the exam at the latest.
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