Become a Robotic Surgeon and Take Part in the Robotic Olympics

Special two-hour courses for all medical students will take place in April and May at the centre of robotic surgery at the Department of Urology. Book your time slot at the secretary of the Department of Urology (Uzel -2B), every weekday from 13.30 to 14.30. There will always be an updated table with free time slots on the faculty website.

Please find free time slots in updated tables:

Are you interested in robotic surgery? Do you want to experience how it feels to control a robotic console? In cooperation with the Synektik Company, we have prepared a unique opportunity for you to become a robotic surgeon for a while under the supervision of a lecturer. You can try out the Da Vinci robotic training console in the training centre of robotic surgery at the Department of Urology, Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University. At the end of your course, you will be able to compare your skills with other students and participate in the Robotic Olympics. The best performing students will be nominated for the final round, which will take place on Monday 30 May 2022. Interesting prizes await the winner.

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