Academic Senate Elections 2022: Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

At its meeting on 5 October 2022, the Academic Senate of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, announced elections to the Academic Senate of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University (AS 2. LF) and the Academic Senate of the University (AS UK) for the term of office from 2023.

Elections to both Senates will be held electronically. In the election to the AS 2. LF, both rounds will be held electronically, in the election to the AS UK, the nomination round will be held in paper form, and the election itself will be held electronically.

Login to the election application will be done through the Central Authentication Service (CAS) - please check your login details and in case of a problem contact Mr. Zdeněk Procházka (@email) to reset your password.

Date of the election to the AS 2. LF: 1st round: 7–9 November 2022, 2nd round: 28–30 November 2022

Date of the election to the AS UK: nomination round 1–13 November 2022, election round 28–30 November 2022

Frequently Asked Questions:

What will the first round of the AS 2. LF election look like?

The first round of the election will take place in both chambers, student and pedagogical, electronically, in the election application on the Faculty website. Once logged in, teachers can vote for up to 12 candidates, students must select at least two candidates from their community, and they can also allocate up to 10 votes to candidates regardless of the community. Thus, teachers and students can both vote for no more than 12 candidates in total in the first round. The voting system will open at 8 a.m. on 7 November and close at 6 p.m. on 9 November.

What will the first round of the AS UK election look like?

From 1 November to 13 November 2022, a proposal form will be available on the website of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and at the Secretariat of the Dean and the Academic Senate. The proposal form shall be filled in by the proposer and signed by them and, at the same time, as a sign of approval of the proposed person, the form shall also be signed by the proposed person. The completed proposal form shall then be handed in to a member of the Election Committee, the Secretariat of the Dean or the Senate, or scanned and emailed at: @email.

What are the “communities”? Which one do I fall into?

Communities are groups of students formed in such a way that all years and disciplines are represented as evenly as possible in the Senate, as follows:

Community 1 – 1st and 2nd years of VSEOB (Master’s Studies, General Medicine)

Community 2 – 3rd year of VSEOB

Community 3 – 4th year of VSEOB

Community 4 – 5th and 6th years of VSEOB

Community 5 – 1st to 6th years of AVSEOB ("international students")

Community 6 – non-medical studies

Community 7 – 1st and 2nd years of doctoral studies

Community 8 – 3rd to 8th years of doctoral studies

Each community will be represented by one student in the Senate, it means a total of eight students. Another four students will then get into the Senate according to the total number of votes they have received, i.e. regardless of the community.

How do I log into the voting app on the website?

Students shall use the same login credentials as into the SIS, CAS, etc. In case of problems, please contact Mr. Zdeněk Procházka at @email.

I did not find my friend or colleague in the election application. How is this possible?

They are probably members of the Election Committee, that's why they are not listed in the first round. For some educators (such as the Dean, Vice Dean and Member of the Scientific Council) there is a note about incompatibility of functions. This means that although they can be elected, they then have to choose whether they want to remain either Senators or, for example, Members of the Scientific Council.

How will I know if I have made it to the second round?

If you have enough votes to advance, you will be contacted by the Election Committee shortly after the end of the first round (by 10 November 2022) to let you know. You must confirm your candidacy for the second round by 18 November 2022. The names of all the candidates in the second round will then be published on the website by 21 November.

I'm a candidate for the second round. May I present myself on the Faculty website?

Yes, you can post one article on the Faculty website, which can be accompanied by photos or graphics. Please send your articles to Mr Petr Andreas (@email). Please note that your contributions will not undergo language correction.

What will the second round of the election look like?

The second round for the elections to the AS 2. LF and the AS UK will be held electronically from 28 to 30 November 2022. In the elections to the AS 2. LF, teachers can tick up to 12 candidates of their choice in the election application. Students must vote for at least one candidate from their community, and may vote for additional candidates regardless of the community. However, a student may choose no more than 12 candidates in total. In the AS UK election, both the teachers and the students vote for a maximum of two candidates each.

When shall I learn the results of the election?

The final results will be known no later than 5 December. The new Senates will meet for the first time in February 2023.

Who shall I contact if I need any help?

Problems related to logging into the election application: Zdeněk Procházka.

If you want to publish your article on the website before the second round – Petr Andreas.

If you are generally interested in the elections and their system, you can contact the Chair of the Election Committee of the AS 2. LF, Mgr. Šárka Salavová, the Chairman of the Sub-election Committee of the AS UK, MUDr. Adam Láznička, or the Chairman of the Legislative Committee of the AS 2. LF, prof. MUDr. Jan Zuna, PhD.

We hope that the elections will take place in a dignified and calm manner, as is customary in the university premises. We also ask all students and teachers to go to the elections and cast their vote for their candidates – it is our Faculty after all!

With best wishes for the future.


Šárka Salavová, Chair of the Election Committee of the AS 2. LF

Adam Láznička, Chairman of the Sub-election Committee of the AS UK

Created: 11. 11. 2022 / Modified: 11. 11. 2022 / Responsible person: Mgr. Stanislava Lindenthalová