I Enjoyed Every Bit of the Freshers' Week!

The Freshers' Week is a tradition started not so long ago, it is to ease the transition of eager students into their medical studies. We bring the students' mini-reports and a photo gallery.

The week started off with student registrations. Next, the students attended the beginners' intensive Czech classes. These classes cover the high yield Czech language basics that the students need to get started. Every day, the freshers attended icebreaker events organized by seniors, like the pub quiz, team building and the picnic. These events were structured to promote a jolly and friendly atmosphere between all the freshers. They met their future classmates and buddies for the next six years. Furthermore, there were tours and lectures given by seniors, about the what and the how of this university, from how to obtain a transport ticket to which books to use. The week ended with the White Coat Ceremony in the beautiful hall of the Profession House, where the students inaugurate their studies by receiving their first white coat.

Here are some testimonies by our newest freshers:

Fun-filled Freshers' Week is a cherishable event with a combination of key information about the faculty and a tour of the city. Students get to experience local culture, language that comes handy for the next six years of medical school. It's also a great opportunity to socialize and make friendships with the upper year student community.

The grand finale to the amazing week is the inter-faculty party, where a lot of memories are made. For mature students like me, returning back to the university, the Freshers' Week facilitates a smooth transition.

Phanindra, London, UK

I enjoyed every bit of the Freshers' Week. I was able to meet my batch-mates, with whom I am going to spend the next six years. It was a unique opportunity to meet the upper year students and also the key information needed to start med school in Prague.

The best event I liked is the lost in Prague where I got a glimpse of the city.

Anjali, Norwich, UK

The Freshers' Week is a great opportunity for the new students to meet their peers and familiarize themselves with the campus. The ‘Lost in Prague’ tour goes through great sightseeing points along with useful locations (libraries, stores, etc.) for life as a medical student.

Martin, Pittsburgh, USA

The Freshers' Week was amazing! I was warmly welcomed by all the seniors and professors on the first day. I deeply enjoyed all the fun activities that the student body had organized for us, especially the first night at Dr. Vojak!

I made great friends and I have got to experience what it feels like to be part of an outstanding international student family.

Lasitha, London, UK

Honestly, the Freshers' Week is the reason why the transition into university was not so hard for me. During the Freshers' Week, I became part of an amazing and talented community. I was able to get insights and guidance into life, at this Medical University and on life away from home.

The best part during the Freshers' Week was the team building events held by the seniors! This is where you meet your best friends for the next six years of your life!

Arya, Vienna, Austria

Photographs on this page: Archive of Keveen de Silva and of the students.

Published: 12. 11. 2018 / Responsible person: Mgr. Petr Andreas, Ph.D.