Clinical Workshop – Really Fantastic!

The Clinical Practical Skills Workshop organized by the Association of International Medical Students (AIMS) took place on 5 February. Read what the participants say and see pictures.

This past Tuesday 5 February, students from various academic years had a chance to participate in a Clinical Practical Skills Workshop organised by the Association of International Medical Students (AIMS) in collaboration with the Department of Nursing at Motol University Hospital.

During the workshop led by Mgr. Kateřina Zámečníková and Bc. Věra Nigrovičová, students were able to practice and improve on important skills such as IV cannulation, administration of injections (IM, IV, SC), preparation and administration of transfusions as well as non-invasive blood pressure measurement. In a relaxed and friendly setting, each student took their turn practicing every single technique.

A special thank you goes to Mrs. Zámečníková and Mrs. Nigrovičová for their expert guidance and supervision as well as to the Department of Nursing for approving the organization of this event.

Opportunities such as this one allow students to get familiar with crucial techniques necessary for future practice and to further complement their medical education.

Marisa Nunes (AIMS' VP of Academic Events)

‘The workshop was very well-organised and a great review of the clinical skills we've learned over the years. I really appreciate the opportunity to practice these basic skills that I'll need for the rest of my medical career.’

Pooja Dhebar (4th year)

‘I really appreciate the time and effort that went into planning this workshop. It was great to have the opportunity to refresh our knowledge on some important basic practical skills.’

Maria Candeias (4th year)

‘I'm very glad that we have a student association that listens to us and our wishes. They organise and enable us to practice things that we can't do on our own.’

Veronika Sitar (5th year)

‘The workshop was really fantastic, helpful and effective. It improved my nursing clinical skills and I had so much fun in this workshop.’

Mohammad Shamout (3rd year)

‘The practical training session was very informative and allowed us to refresh our basic practical training skills which are becoming more and more relevant as we move closer to graduation.’

Shaheyar Ali Qureshi (5th year)

Published: 11. 2. 2019 / Responsible person: Zdeněk Prokš