Best International Students Awarded with Significant Tuition Reductions

On Wednesday 12 December 2018, the Dean awarded the top international students of the Second Faculty. Read the report and see pictures from the ceremony.

On Wednesday 12 December 2018, Dean Vladimír Komárek awarded Otso Horppu, Marguerite Kemkemer, Verena Leppmeier, Roxane Riemer and Arian Taniwall with the Best International Medical Student Award.

Sravani Angara, Melvin Bae, Paulina Bernardová, Ahiree Bhowmik, Malhar Rajesh Domadia, Redina Hasani, Miriam Koehler, Alberto Carlos Maria Laubschat, Stefano L'Erario, Aleksandra Li, Monah Nasr, Moyosolaoluwa Osinkolu, Nicholas Pitto, Eva-Dorothea Rolfes, Gunilla- Elisabeth Schachten, Alberto Tettamanti and Christoph Wawoczny were awarded the Top 10 per cent International Medical Students Award.

Both awards are awarded annually to the top students, the rules for awarding can be found on the website here and here. They not only represent an outstanding achievement in a symbolic sense, but also have a very practical impact. The awarded students get significant reductions in their tuition fees, while the best students receive generous 50 per cent tuition rebates for the academic year.

The ceremony took place in the Left Little Lecture Hall. Dean of the Faculty prof. Vladimír Komárek and Vice-Dean for Study in English doc. Květa Bláhová held short congratulation speeches before traditional hand shaking.

We asked the awarded a couple of questions:

Roxane Riemer (fourth year),
and the Dean Vladimír Komárek
Arian Taniwall (fourth year)
Verena Leppmeier (fifth year)


What is your recipe for studying smoothly? Do you learn regularly through the year?

Roxane Riemer: I don't have a specific recipe for studying smoothly. Studying is always hard work. And yes, I study regularly throughout the year.

Arian Taniwall: Honestly, I do not have a special method for studying. I just study a particular topic in a way that I end up understanding the main concept and not just remembering information which I do not fully understand. Studying regularly is something I am trying to adopt more this year compared to the previous years.

Verena Leppmeier: I don't think there is a perfect ‘recipe’ for studying. Of course, it’s always best to not learn stuff by heart but to understand the material properly. Everyone has to find his or her own way. I myself try to get as much information as possible from seminars and practical classes so that I don't have to learn it myself completely at home afterwards. Also I try to find books that I personally like, sometimes I prefer German ones or internet studying platforms. 

Do you already have plans how to spend the money you get?

Roxane: I will use most of the money for the next study year and the remaining part for travelling.

Arian: I will most likely save the money for the next year`s tuition fees.

Verena: Not really. This sum of money helps me to finance my studies here. But I will surely go on holidays next summer.

What are your plans for the time coming?

Roxane: I want to pass the fourth year and gain many experiences in the summer internships in pediatrics and internal medicine.

Arian: My plan, for now, is to prepare for the upcoming examination period and hopefully get through it.

Verena: I'm looking forward to spending the Christmas time at home with my family and go skiing. Also I'm planning some internships in Switzerland after my fifth year of study.


We congratulate to the award winners and wish them success next year!

Published: 17. 12. 2018 / Responsible person: Mgr. Petr Andreas, Ph.D.