Prof. Jan Trka Received the Education & Mentoring Award


Prof. Jan Trka, head of the CLIP laboratory, received the Education & Mentoring Award, presented by the European Hematology Association (EHA) for outstanding mentoring of PhD students, support in research or effective and innovative teaching. According to him, the whole of Czech haematology was honoured.

In a short interview given on the occasion, he mentioned that for a PhD student, a supervisor is crucial as a guide into the scientific world. A good supervisor provides strong mentorship, facilitates conference attendance and ensures that students are recognised in publications, Trka said.

"My favourite moment is when a PhD student becomes independent, contributes his own ideas and actively contributes to the project, which fundamentally changes his approach," he added.

Created: 9. 7. 2024 / Modified: 9. 7. 2024 / Bc. Luděk Liška