Nabídka pařížského Institutu Pasteur k doktorskému studiu

Doktorské studium od podzimu 2018.
Termín pro podávání přihlášek je 2. listopadu 2017.

Dear Colleague,
We are delighted to inform you that the new call is now open for the Pasteur – Paris University International Doctoral program, for students beginning in October 2018.

This doctoral program began in 2009 in the vibrant research environment of the Institut Pasteur in Paris, France, and has grown in each succeeding year. For details, see:

The current list of projects and laboratories is available on our website: ‘Current Call’

The deadline for candidates to contact laboratories of interest is November 2, and the deadline for the application (to be prepared together with the laboratory) is November 13, 2017. See the above website for the application procedure.

This doctoral program is for students who have obtained or will obtain a Master degree (or equivalent) in the life sciences from a non-French University. All students accepted into the program will receive a salary for living expenses, health insurance and paid tuition. The program is run in English and knowledge of French is not required. Eligibility criteria are listed on the website (see ‘Application information’ and ‘FAQ’).

If you know some talented undergraduates with a strong passion for science who may be interested in this outstanding opportunity to do a PhD, please give them the attached flyer. We would appreciate it if you would display the flyer at your institutional bulletin board and forward this mail to other colleagues.

For further information, please write to .

Susanna Celli,
Dean of the Pasteur – Paris University International Doctoral Program

Marie-Laure Goupil
Secretary of The Pasteur – Paris University International Doctoral Program
Institut Pasteur, Paris, France

Vydáno: 26. 9. 2017 / Odpovědná osoba: Ivana Tinková