How to Apply

Straightforward enrolment options

The Second Faculty of Medicine offers two enrolment options (‘tracks’):

  • Track A involves passing a standardized SAT test. You don't need to travel abroad, just take the test in your own country (or nearby) and see if you meet our criteria.
  • If you choose Track B, you'll come to our university here in Prague and sit written and oral exams in one day.
track A

SAT Tests             

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track B

Entrance Examination

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Recruiting agencies

You do not necessarily need a recruiting agency to study at the Second Faculty of Medicine as you can just apply on-line through our website. Some agencies do, however, provide a reliable service. We have had good experience with Academic Agency, Medizin in Europa, Gyanberry Dubai, UAE, by, Qadri International Education Consultancy, Medical Doorway, EduPlanet, Abbey College in Malvern, Information Planet Portugal and AA Czech Studies LTD. That said, there are other recruitment agencies that might only help applicants with part of the required paperwork, or that charge a large sum of money to do virtually nothing at all. In order to prevent our applicants from having this kind of bad experience we have developed the two straightforward enrolment options mentioned above.


What to Consider Before You Apply?

Read a message from Ondřej Hrušák, MD, PhD, a member of the Second Faculty Academic Senate and the former dean.

Published: 27. 5. 2014 / Last update: 15. 5. 2018 / Responsible person: Mgr. Petr Andreas, Ph.D.