Entrance Examination


The entrance exams take place in Prague at the Second Faculty of Medicine (see connections and map).

How to apply for entrance exam

The completed application form with all the required documents must be sent before the deadlines stated below. Only participants registered before the deadline will be allowed to sit the entrance exam.

You can apply only once per academic year.

electronic application

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The electronic application

The electronic application is valid only after being saved and sent electronically with attached brief CV (in pdf, doc or rtf formats).

Dates & deadlines

Dates of entrance exams and deadlines for registration
Date of entrance exam Deadline for registration   
29 May 2018 30 April 2018
9 July 2018 10 June 2018

If you are applying from outside of the European Union and you are required to obtain a visa, we highly recommend that you attend the first entrance examination date.

There is no administration fee for entrance exam.

Course of the entrance exam

The entrance exam will take place on specified dates at Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, in Prague, Czech Republic. Additionally, it takes place in selected locations abroad. The entrance exam consists of two parts: A written multiple-choice test and an interview.

Become familiar in advance with entrance exam topics and examples of question

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First part: A multiple-choice test

Applicants take a written multiple-choice test in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Logic (4 x 15 questions) corresponding to standard secondary school curricula. The entrance exam topics and examples of the questions are available on our web site. Applicants have 75 minutes to complete the test. Each question is presented with four possible answers. Four points are awarded if all correct answers to the question are selected and all incorrect answers remain unselected. No points are awarded if there is a discrepancy between the final selection and the correct answer. The total number of points that can be acquired for the written test is 240. Completed written tests are marked anonymously.

Second part: An interview

Applicants with the best written test results are subsequently invited for the interview. Examination committees consist of three Faculty members. Successful applicants are expected to demonstrate their interest in the field of study, their ability to discuss medicine-related topics, and they should be able to defend their opinions. Applicants randomly draw two discussion questions/topics for which up to 60 points can be obtained.

The ranking (based on the total sum of points for the written test and the interview) obtained during the entrance exams is the only decisive factor for admission to medical studies. The final results are announced at the end of the entrance exam day.

Time schedule of entrance examinations that will take a place in Prague
Registration 8.00
(Second Faculty of Medicine,
Charles University, Big Hall)
(fixed time)
Invitation, division into groups  
Instructions to the written test  
Written test (in total 75 minutes)  
Break  (computerized processing of the tests) 10.35–13.15 (orientation time)
Allocation to committees 13.30
(Second Faculty of Medicine,
Charles University, Big Hall)
(fixed time)
Announcement of final results and closing of entrance examination 16.30 (Second Faculty of Medicine,
Charles University, Big Hall)
(orientation time)
Instruction and enrolment for admitted applicants 16.45–17.30 (orientation time)

The number of students admitted for study

The applicants with the highest scores are admitted for studies. According to the capacity of the Faculty, the total number of admitted applicants (maximum 90) and the corresponding minimum score limit are set. The applicants with the total score at or above the minimum score limit are accepted. Dean of the Faculty may review the acceptance/non-acceptance decision and accept additional applicants.

Housing during the entrance exam

Please remember, we are not able to arrange an accommodation for the applicants coming for the entrance exam. For your information, here is the list of hotels located close to the Second Faculty of Medicine.

It is also possible to book accommodation at one of low-price student dormitories through the headquarters of the Halls of Residence (; kam.cuni.cz). Recommended dormitories are Kajetánka and Komenského.

What to do after your admission

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