State Doctoral Examination

Essential information about the State Doctoral Examination
1. A prerequisite for performance of the State Doctoral Examination is to meet the requirements of the Student’s Individual study plan (ISP), which must include, apart from other things, the following obligations:
  • proof of attendance in at least 2 courses (of which one can, as a rule, be completed abroad);
  • passing the English language examination;
  • co-authorship (or better being the first author) of a publication with an impact factor;
  • providing a survey of literature, if required by the Subject Area Board. This means a text that describes and critically evaluates present knowledge in the studied field of science. The literature search enables the student to formulate a scientific hypothesis and the questions to confirm (or reject) it. The text also includes the proposal of a hypothesis as well as the aims of the research. The extent of the survey is up to 15 or 20 pages. 

2. The State Doctoral Examination is taken before the Defence of the dissertation, unless the order is stated otherwise in the study programme. The dates of examinations are provided by the Dean at the suggestion of the Subject Area Board and announces them on the official notice board of the Faculty, not later than one month before the date of the State Doctoral Examination. 

3. The Chair and members of the examining board for the State Doctoral Examination following the discussion at the Subject Area Board. The number of the members present must not be less than three. As a rule, the Supervisor and/or Advisor are members of the Examination Board (but must not be appointed as its Chair). At least one of the members of the board is not member of the academic community of the faculty that the student is enrolled at. 

4. The examination is public and viva voce. 

5. The Examination Board discusses the result of the examination in a closed session immediately following after the examination, and decides by simple majority of votes of the members present, in ballot. If there is an equal number of votes or the required majority has not been achieved, the student gets the more favourable grade. The result of the examination is expressed as "passed" or “failed". 

6. A record is compiled on the course of the examination and its result, which shall be signed by the chair and all present members of the Examination Board. Immediately after the closed session of the examination board, the Chair shall notify the student of the result of the examination and enters the result in the student’s Record Book. The record of the examination is sent by the Chair to the respective department of the faculty’s Dean Office. 

7. As a rule, the examination is taken within 3 months following the date the application in writing is submitted; this application is addressed to the Subject Area Board via the respective department of the Dean Office. 

8. The State Doctoral Examination can only be repeated once. 

9. At the student’s request in writing and at the suggestion by the Subject Area Board, also including the Supervisor’s recommendation, the Dean can acknowledge the review of study progress (such as an English language examination) provided that in the past 10 years the student has fulfilled an analogous study obligation at a university or other university-level school of higher education in the Czech Republic or abroad. A State Doctoral Examination cannot be acknowledged.

How to apply for the State Doctoral Examination

A student who fulfills all requirements for applying to take his/her State Doctoral Examination should appear in Department for PhD Study and Foreign Affairs during office hours and submits hould bring to the  following documents:

  • completed State Doctoral Examination Application Form (signed by both the Student and Supervisor); The application can be downloaded in the "Forms" section.
  • structured CV (signed by the Student )
  • list of publications (signed by Student)
  • Study Record (‘index’) where it is marked the student had attended the requisite courses (whose number is determined by the Subject Area Board)
  • certificate about passing an English language exam (record in the index or a certificate)
  • offprints of publications according to the requirements of the Subject Area Board
  • a critical overview of relevant literature, if required by the relevant Subject Area Board (this overview should not be bound, merely printed on loose sheets)

The student must submit all materials at least three month before the State Doctoral Examination. Student is notified by the Subject Area Board of the date of their State Doctoral Examination only after submitting all requisite documentation.

Published: 8. 10. 2013 / Last update: 6. 6. 2019 / Responsible person: ThDr. Jitka Sýkorová, Ph.D.