Doctoral Studies in Biomedicine

The Faculty provides postgraduate doctoral studies in biomedicine together with the 1st Faculty of Medicine, the 3rd Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Natural Sciences, the Faculty of the Physical Education and Sports, with Institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic specialized in biomedicine and the departmental research institutes of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. The aim of the postgraduate study programme is to prepare graduates of the Faculty for individual work within the range of basic and specialised research work in medicine. The council of professionals composed of specialists of all participating institutes sets the conception of the studies and the requirements in each field. The programme is open for both Czech and international graduates of the universities. The instruction is provided in a full-time form and in a combined form. The study can take maximum 8 years in the M.D. programme, full-time course can take as long as it was set in the programme. Standard time is at least 3 but maximum 4 years. The full-time Ph.D. student has the status of a student with all the legal and social consequences. A successful graduation requires passing 2 specialized examinations, the examination in English, the state doctoral examination in the selected study programme and the defence of a doctoral dissertation done on the basis of published work.

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Study programmes of Postgraduate Doctoral Studies of Biomedical Fields:

Molecular and Cellular Biology, Genetics and Virology
Biology and Cytopathology
Biochemistry and Pathobiochemistry
Human Physiology and Pathological Physiology
Medical Microbiology
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Medical Biophysics
Experimental Surgery
Preventive Medicine

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