3rd LF

3rd Faculty of Medicine 2020/2021 – winter semester

The Info Pack for International Students

Physical Education – timetable

3rd Faculty of Medicine

  • all years and fields of study – optional subjects physical education – after enrollment in SIS, you have to register particular class in application of Department of Physical Education (DoPE)
  • all years and fields of study – optional courses – zápis přes SIS
  • certain years and fields of study – compulsory optional courses – zápis přes SIS
  • Optional subject – physical education can be enrolled repeatedly every year of study


Registration date

Optional subjects and courses 2nd Faculty of Medicine and 3rd Facutly of Medicine

Enrollment of PE and sports begins in application on 14th September 2020.


How to access the application for registration of PE and sports and enroll?

  1. The application for registration here.
  2. login details are the same as for CAS and SIS
  3.  choose the lesson or sport you want to attend
  4.  Click on ZAPSAT (enroll)


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