Address Book

Personal contact information in the faculty web directory is automatically generated from the Charles University’s WhoIS database. All employees of the faculty and their employment relationship with the University are listed (other employment relationships are never listed).

For Employees: Please contact the Personnel and Payroll Department to request a change to you contact details. If you need to change an email account with the domain name, please contact the Information Systems Department. If you do not have an email, file a request to set up an account via our web form.

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Name Departments Phone E-mail
MUDr. Barbora East, Ph.D. Department of Surgery 224434101
MUDr. Matyáš Ebel Department of Paediatric Neurology
prof. MUDr. Tomáš Eckschlager, CSc. Department of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology 224436450
Antonín Ehrenberger Management of Buildings 257296116
RNDr. Renata Eisenhammerová Secretariat 224435890
Ing. Renáta El Bourahi Department for Scientific Activities 224435828
RNDr. Lenka Elblová, Ph.D. Department of Paediatrics 224432026
Ing. Marie Eliášová Department of Physiology 257296402